Zinnia plant

Scientific name: Zinnia

Family: Asteraceae

Common name: zinnia زینیا,or elegant zinnia

Zinnia plant is a warm-season flowering upright growing annual in the Asteraceae (daisy) family. There are multiple varieties or cultivars of zinnia, including the hybrid ‘Profusion’ Series.Zinnia comes in various shapes, including beehive, button, and cactus.This cutting garden favorite opens blossoms in nearly every shade. Lipstick pink, fire engine red, sunny yellow, cucumber green, perky peach — choose a color and you can find a zinnia to match. Bicolor blends bring sizzling beauty to the garden with two-tone petals.Monitor for common pests like aphids or spider mites and take appropriate measures if needed.Zinnia offers a kaleidoscope of colors, from bold and vibrant to soft and pastel, allowing you to create stunning floral displays.

Planting And Care

Delightful plant that thrives both indoors and outdoors.

Zinnias love bright, direct sunlight.

Keep the soil evenly moist.

Well-draining soil is essential for Zinnias.

Feed Zinnias with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer every two weeks.

Regularly remove faded flowers to encourage continuous blooming.