Phlox Plant

Scientific Name: Phlox

Family Name: Polemoniaceae

Common Name: فلاکس, Garden phlox

In the family Polemoniaceae, the genus Phlox contains 68 species of both perennial and annual plants. Some bloom in spring, while others do so in the summer and fall. Flowers might be white, light blue, violet, pink, hot red, or violet in color. Awe-inspiring visual displays are produced by the Phlox’s variety of gorgeous, vibrant blooms, which will enrich any setting. The ideal temperature range for phlox plants is 60 to 75 °F (15 to 24 °C). Spare them from freezing or sweltering heat.

Planting And Care

Plant in full sun for the most vibrant blooms and optimal growth.

Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during hot and dry periods.

Use well-draining soil to promote healthy root development and prevent waterlogged roots.

Apply a balanced fertilizer in spring to support flowering and overall health.

Regularly remove faded flowers to encourage continuous blooming and maintain a neat appearance.

Cut back leggy growth to promote bushier and healthier plants.