Nasturtium plant

Scientific Name: Tropaeolum

Family Name:Brassicaceae

Common Name: زمینی بیل,Nasturtium

The genus Tropaeolum, or nasturtium, has over 80 species of herbaceous flowering plants that are both annual and perennial. In the family Tropaeolaceae, it is the sole genus. One of nasturtiums’ most remarkable characteristics is its colorful flowers, which come in a spectrum of shades including red, orange, yellow, and cream. Nasturium is a warm-season annual that is simple to maintain and has distinctive leaves and vibrant flowers.

Planting And Care

Plant in full sun to partial shade for the most vibrant blooms and optimal growth.

Allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings, avoiding overwatering.

Use well-draining soil to prevent waterlogged roots and ensure healthy growth.

Nasturtiums prefer nutrient-poor soil; excessive fertilization may lead to more foliage than blooms.

Regularly remove faded flowers to encourage continuous blooming and tidiness.

Nasturtium’s aromatic foliage repels certain pests, making it an excellent companion plant.