Majesty Palm

Scientific name: Ravenea rivularis

Family: Arecaceae

Common Name:Majesty عظمت کھجور Palm

The magnificent palm, sometimes known as the majesty palm, is a species of tree in the Arecaceae family.A rare and imperiled palm tree is known as the Majesty Palm. Tropical and semi-tropical climates are ideal for its growth. The ideal temperature range for these tropical plants is between 65°F and 80°F (18°C and 27°C). Try to keep them in a steady atmosphere because they are susceptible to unexpected temperature changes and chilly drafts.The plant can be propagated as well as grown from seeds.The Majesty Plant is another example of how diverse and amazing nature’s creations are, which never ceases to astound us.

Planting And Care

Embrace nature’s grandeur indoors and outdoors with the Majesty Palm.

Indirect, filtered light is ideal for Majesty Plants.

Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged.

Enjoy cleaner and fresher air as these palms efficiently remove toxins, enhancing your indoor air quality.

Well-draining, peat-based potting mix enriched with organic matter is best for Majesty Plants.

During the growing season (spring and summer), you can feed your Majesty Plant with a balanced liquid fertilizer every two to four weeks.

Regularly remove any yellow or damaged leaves to encourage healthy growth.