Iceland poppy plant

Scientific Name: Papaver nudicaule

FamilyName: Papaveraceae

Common Name: لالہ اخضر,Icelandic poppy and arctic poppy

The Iceland poppy, or Papaver nudicaule, is a boreal flowering plant. These beautiful perennials grow well in subarctic areas but are frequently planted in warmer climates in the same way as annuals.The Iceland Poppy produces a beautiful show that exudes peace and beauty thanks to its graceful and delicate blossoms in a variety of captivating colors. Bees, butterflies, and birds are drawn to Iceland poppies. 55–65°F (13–18°C) is the ideal temperature range for Iceland poppies. Spare them from freezing and intense heat.

Planting And Care

Plant in full sun for the most vibrant blooms, but protect from scorching heat in hot climates.

Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during dry spells, to support vigorous growth.

Use well-draining soil to prevent waterlogged roots and maintain healthy growth.

Avoid excessive fertilization, as Iceland Poppy prefers lean soil for the best flowering.

Regularly remove spent flowers to encourage continuous blooming and maintain a neat appearance.

Allow some seed pods to develop for natural reseeding, or collect seeds for controlled planting.