Canary Island date palm

Scientific name: Phoenix canariensis

Family Name: Arecaceae

Common Name:Canary Island date palm,کینری ڈیٹ پام

A species of flowering plant belonging to the palm family Arecaceae is called Phoenix canariensis, also known as the Canary Island date palm or pineapple palm.Date Palm on the Canary Islands This particular kind of palm has won many admirers with its tall stature, graceful fronds, and hardy character and has come to represent beauty, strength, and adaptability.The gorgeous and adaptable canary island date palm is an ornamental plant with many advantages.By absorbing carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen, the Canary Island Date Palm helps to clean the air by enhancing the quality of the air around it.This kind of palm grows best in warm, subtropical settings, where temperatures between 65°F and 85°F (18°C and 29°C) promote optimum growth.

Planting And Care

Plant your Canary Island Date Palm in a sunny spot, as it thrives in bright light and loves soaking up the sun.

Canary island date  palm needs regular watering to establish its root system.

Fertilize the palm once or twice a year during the growing season.

Remove dead or damaged fronds regularly to maintain the palm’s appearance and health.

Canary Island Date Palm requires relatively low maintenance.