Gazania flower

Family:   Asteraceae
Botanical Name :  Gazania( BIG KISS SERIES)
Plant Common Name:   Treasure Flower
General Description:

These hybrid gazanias are extravagant! Bearing striped, vividly contrasting white, yellow and red flowers in warm weather, the extra large daisy flowers in the Big Kiss™ Series feature a golden-orange eye surrounded by broader ray petals. Depending on cultivar, the petal is either white and red or yellow and red. Blooms, which close at night and on cloudy days, are singly borne on erect stems above low dense clumps of narrow spoon-shaped leaves. The leaves are dark green on top and lighter gray underneath.

Often grown as annuals, these short-lived, cold-tender herbaceous perennials do best in full sun. They are best grown in well-drained, moderately fertile soils. Mass the extremely ornate Big Kiss Series gazanias in annual beds or as groundcover, or use them singly in pots for an outstanding conversation piece!

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