• Dahlia Double

    Family: Asteraceae Botanical Name: Dahlia Plant Common Name: Dahlia General Description: Nothing beats dahlias as everblooming warm season bedding plants and cut flowers. Named for Swedish botanist and student of Linnaeus, Anders Dahl (1751 to 1789), this genus in the daisy family consists of over 30-species, many more subspecies and varieties and literally thousands of cultivated varieties. All are herbaceous tender perennials with bulbous underground tuberous roots, which ...

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  • Trachycarpus Wagnerianus

    Name: Trachycarpus Wagnerianus Common Name: Chinese windmill palm Description: A quick growing palm. Trunk of it is entwined into a confusing mass by its fiber.

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  • Phoenix Sylvestris

    Name: Phoenix Sylvestris Common Name: Silver Date Palm, Sugar Date Palm Description: Phoenix Sylestris is very famous palm tree. It is widely used in landscapes. Its height ranges in between 4m to 14m. Its characteristics resembles very much with the Phoenix dactyleferia.

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